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Our studio is like eating potato chips; once you start coming you just can’t stop! The average time a student stays with us is five to ten years! Our students have won all kinds of art contests to name just a few such as: Reflections, GC Historical Society , LIPA Poster Art, Soho Photo Show, Artist of Month, Kidsday Art Contest, Nassau County Boces, Hs Photo contests and much much more. We even have a student who is on the Kidsday Staff Illustrator. Past students have been accepted into college for art at : School of Visual Arts, Fashion Institute of technology, NYIT, Adelphi and L.I.U.Post and other fine universities.

Nicole 2nd grade with Miss Lisa

Nicole in senior year with Miss Lisa and her award winning portfolio

Nicole started in second grade and left 11 years later with two full college art scholarships in her senior year of high school!”

Congratulations to her and all our awarded students over the years!

Student in 6th Grade

Student in 9th Grade

Before Instruction

After Three hour instruction