Student Programs and Portfolios

Note the variety of subjects, mediums and that each one is so different from the other. We teach each student to strive to be unique and tap into their imagination and creative side.

Exploring Young Artist – ages 6 and up

Artist will enjoy learning art basic’s, being imaginative, expressing themselves through painting, drawing and 3-D art

The Creative Artist – ages 7 & up

Students discover their own creative process with a variety of mediums, expanding their knowledge of art techniques while having fun and gaining confidence.

Fine Art Studio – ages 8 & up

Student’s fine tune the principals of art and design using critical thinking and visual awareness with new materials.

Experimental Artist – ages 11 & up

Students learn innovative projects on how to think out of the box discovering the use of conventional and found materials.

Advanced Expression & Portfolio Development

This advanced class emphasizes traditional methods and materials by working in a series, learning to self critique and develop a portfolio for competitions, art exhibitions and for college.