About the Artist

Artist statement

What do you see in the clouds or in the beads of oil in a puddle after the rain?

I believe that particular thought process is the foundation in how I develop my art work today. I react emotionally to my visual surroundings in my minds eye first. Detailed sketches and photographs help me get familiar with my subject. I am drawn to the abstract designs, high contrasts and the color recipes in nature. Once back in my studio, I respond to the spontaneous splash of translucent washes of watercolors layered onto the paper until I find a design that emotionally pleases me. Some of my work stays in its original state of watercolor, while others are worked into rich layers of ink, collaged handmade papers, and a variety of mixed mediums to add volume and texture until it feels complete and how I envisioned it in my mind’s eye.


Teaching Philosophy 

Here at The Garden Art Studio we don’t just teach how to draw, we teach the creative process. With art basics and technical demonstrations in our overhead mirror, each student is taught to be more intuitive and inventive in their approach to an art project. This understanding leads to self discovery and each student learns to develop their own imagination, and confidence in independent judgment.

About our studio

Lisa Fazio-Cotroneo is a renowned painter, art teacher and Parsons graduate who has combined her love of art with a passion for teaching for the last 30 years. She created The Garden Art Studio, a nurturing and inspiring environment, in 1994 so children ages 6 and older may explore the joy of artistic creation. Students are treated to a garden view while working in a peaceful studio, and weather permitting; they are able to work outside. Fees are reasonable with all supplies included.

Enrichment programs are held weekly. Five-session summer camps at the park make The Garden Art Studio a fun place to learn. Classes are endorsed by local art teachers and international artists alike. In this intimate studio, budding artists cultivate their individual talents while learning about the creative process from conception through technical execution. A variety of materials and mediums are explored in both private and group sessions. Professional instruction from a working artist translates into advancement of skills and the potential for college scholarships. Classes include gallery shows and access to public art competitions, as well as specialty workshops that concentrate on specific techniques. Here is a list of colleges, students have gotten into for art.  School of Visual Arts, Fashion Institute of Technology,  NYIT, Adelphi and L.I.U.Post and other fine universities.

Artist Bio

Lisa was educated at the Brooklyn Museum School, School of Visual Arts, Pratt and has her degree from Parsons School of Design. She has studied with many internationally known master artists such as Anthony Toney, Ruth Baderian, Frank Web, Tom Lynch, and Gerald Bommer. Lisa has also studied over 25 years with internationally know watercolorist Barbara Nechis publicly and privately.

Lisa has been represented in the past by Edward Frish Gallery , Kristen Richards Gallery and international art dealer Sandra Neutader. Lisa is a member of National Art League and Art League of Nassau County, winning awards and asked to be a frequent demonstrator. Lisa’s lively and awarded watercolors and detailed illustrations over the years has earned her the reputation of being a skilled artist and teacher.