9/11 WTC Commemorative Prints

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Commemorative Artwork

This print was released for the sole purpose of commemorating the 10 year anniversary of the tragic events of September 11th – events that forever changed the course ofU.S. history and the lives of every American.

Giving Back…

“…we are not here to see through one another but to see one another through.”

The goal is to sell 2,762 prints in honor of each person lost that day in theWorldTradeTowers. Your donation would benefit children and family affected by family tragedies such 9/11 all over the Nation.


All proceeds will be donated to Comfort Zone Camp which is a nation wide non profit organization that helps send grieving children to camp after losing a loved one.

Go to Comfort Zone’s website to learn more about their mission.


This Digital Illustration Gone but not forgotten Memorial Art was accepted into The National Art League and the West Baton Rouge Museum for their Cathartic Art: Remembering September 11 show from July 23 to September 20th

 View the article published in the Baton Rouge’s newspaper The Advocate.

Artist Statement

“This artwork was first created in 1982. The result of a pleasant day spent with my husband sketching the New York City skyline from the Brooklyn pier. For composition reasons, I placed a helicopter in the sky and a plane heading toward the twin towers. Who would have guessed that a plane could affect the world so profoundly, and how innocently I rendered it nearly twenty years ago.

On September 11, 2001 I received two voice mails from my husband who worked on the 30th floor of the trade towers saying that he was okay. When he returned late that day with dust and debris on his body, I was filled with such gratitude and remorse. I was one of the lucky wives who husband had returned home. Out of that feeling, I decided to revise my trade towers illustration.

This new illustration titled “Gone but not forgotten” represents the collective spirit of the souls of everyone who lost their life on that fateful day. Each born alone yet died as one. The 2,762 names form the frame of the artwork. From a distance they are indistinct. When viewed up close, there is the sheer emotional impact of each individual who died.”


Small 11 x 14 – $40.00

Large 14 x 18 – $50.00

$15.00 shipping and handling.

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